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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 1/1/2015

Let's review our year, Some pretty exciting stuff,
Drivetime International Publishing, LLC is our publishing company which owns all our original material, its responsible for creating The Drivetime Chronicles and produces DTI Radio on our website all Drivetime 24/7 around the world, just hit the play button at the bottom of the page for hours of Drivetime’s music. We also welcome back to the group our old friend Gene Terramani on guitar, his addition puts us on a whole new level. We are now working with The Music Umbrella in LA for licensing and placement and have our material in China, Japan, The Netherlands, Taiwan and South Korea. We have been picked up by GJTunes for distribution and have physical product in all major retail outlets in North America. We just came off a great run on Global Radio for our Christmas tune "Christmas Time Is Here" Drivetime also did a radio concert this year streamed from the iHeart Studios in Philly with JJZ The videos are also on YouTube. DrivetimeUOJ had the pleasure of Headlining the NazJazz Fest this summer and we'll headline it again for their spring festival. Finally cracked the lock on the Berks Jazz Fest and will be playing at one of the satellite venues The Other Farm Brewing Company during the festival with our new CD coming out shortly after. All in all 2014 has been a great year for us. Oh did I mention we hit #1 on the ReverbNation World Wide Charts .... Lol, we're poised and ready for a better 2015. We're on the move gang ;)

4/8/14 Important message from Michael Tozzi 

Dear friends, 
I'm very proud that iHeartRadio has chosen Philadelphia's Smooth Jazz JJZ as their 'Station of the Month' to discover (please see below). With that said, I could really use you to 'Support the Music to help Protect the Dream'! Please listen and encourage all your friends to listen daily to 1480am, 106.1 HD2 and worldwide at

Please note too that I will be producing a Smooth Jazz Festival at Wiggins Park along the Camden Waterfront on August 16th. It's called the 'Endless Summer of Smooth Soul' and as I mentioned earlier in this email, I can certainly use your support! We already have FOX 29 and Valley Social Magazine, the Kinney Center for Autism at St. Joe's University as sponsors and can also use your financial support to keep the music alive.

Please call or email me as we will have a really great lineup and attendance for this incredible event! Ticket will go on sale on Thursday, May 1st through Ticketmaster and at the same time, we'll announce the line up for this year's festival.

Thanks in advance.

Best to you, as always.


Michael Tozzi 
viaggioartist management
Smooth Jazz JJZ  1480AM   106.1 HD2

Summer 2014 

March 18, 2014
Sup, The boys and I would like to thank everyone who came out to see us at the Michener. It was good to see some of our faithful there and all the new people we had the opportunity to play for. We would like to thank Zoriana Siokalo and Kim Tucker for welcoming us to the Michener Museum and to Jen Miller who secured and coordinated the show. Drivetime will be back at Warmdaddy's this summer so please get your groove on and come on out to Michael Tozzie's Groove Series, our dates are listed on our SHOWS page on our website. We are working on a couple of singles and a new cd so we'll be in the studio workin' hard to get these tunes ready for their summer and fall releases. We're excited to have had representation at MIDHEM 2014 for the first time by The Music Umbrella and sincerely hope we made an impact. Drivetime International is also playing around with doing a mini Jazz Fest at the Bucks County Playhouse, I will keep you informed as this idea continues to develop. If you would like to become a sponsor please contact me at be a part of something that matters to our jazz community and promote your business at the same time. For our local friends we will be looking into the possibility of doing some shows at Villa Capri in Doylestown so hit them up on Facebook and let them know you want us there Capri/648622375199099?ref=ts&fref=ts

That's it for now, be safe in all your travels over the summer and we hope to see you out workin' on your groove thang!

BernieCap / Band Leader


Love Sick, w Justin Guarini

Merry 2014 

December 30, 2013
Sup, been very busy with the Holidays this year and am now just getting to my Christmas blog, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the whole Drivetime family. We wish you the very best in 2014 and hope you'll stick with us as we grow and progress. We had a wonderful year, played some nice shows, meet some new people, ran into old friends, shout out to Steve Oliver our original sax man in Eulipian, great to see ya buddy! I also want to thank Donna Conte from the Discophonic Scene for stopping by to see The Payback. We had a great run with Ignition but it's now time to move into a new writing period and regroup a bit before we hit at the Mercer Museum in February. In a lot of ways this will be a brand new Drivetime, we've broken down all our material and are putting them back together with what I hope will be some surprises. This will also mark the first concert with the addition of Gene Terramani who's stunning influence on us continues to inspire us as musicians, welcome back Gene! So for now I'll just say, my your dreams be merry and bright! 

Growing the DT team! 

11/02/13 I have a few announcements to make which are an incredible turn of events for Drivetime personally and professionally, Thanks to a suggestion from Gene Terramani I contacted Glenn Friedman of The Music Umbrella who if your not familiar with is a consulting and licensing company in LA. We have hired Glenn as our liaison for TV and film placement of our works, and to shop us a deal. We want to welcome Glenn to the team. The other announcement is the out of the blue phone call from long time industry professional Norman B Ratner who was responsible for Elton John, Olivia Newton John, and engineer'ed the come back of Lou Rawls just to name a few who at present represents a company call Fame Wizard, he has since become our strongest advocate. He made me realize that all the hard work the boy's and I have put into the Drivetime project is about to pay off. With his help we will begin to break through the barrier that has prevented us from moving up the commercial ladder. We want to also welcome Norman and the crew from Fame Wizard to our team. In other news we are taking some time to write some new tunes, work them in to the show and prepare for our show at the  James Michener Art Museum on February 22, 2014, sounds far away but trust me it will be here sooner then you think. I will let you know when tickets become available or contact Zoriana at the Museum.  I would also like to thank Sandy Shore and the crew at smooth and Michael Tozzi from jjz & for helping us get the kind of air play needed to attract people like Glenn and Norman... Onward and upward.....enjoy the ride! 

The rights of songwriters are under attack. Pandora Media Inc. 

The rights of songwriters are under attack. Pandora Media Inc., which controls 70% of the US streaming market, has launched an aggressive campaign to pay songwriters and composers less than a fair market share for their work – even as the company’s revenue and listener base has soared. 
As songwriters and composers, we value the opportunities Pandora and other music streaming companies create for our music to reach new audiences. In return, we want Pandora to value our contribution to your business.
Right now, a song that is streamed on Pandora 1,000 times, earns the songwriter only 8 cents on average. And yet, Pandora is going to great lengths – even taking songwriters to court – to pay us even less.
Music drives Pandora’s business. If the company’s revenues keep getting larger, why should the rate it pays songwriters keep getting smaller?
Songwriters are not the enemy. Instead of fighting to pay music creators less than a fair market rate, join us in an effort to construct fair music licenses that allow songwriters and composers to thrive alongside the businesses that revolve around our music.
Songwriters deserve fair pay. If you agree, commit a tweet and help send this message to incoming Pandora CEO Brian McAndrews.

Stupid Club Owners 

I have been meaning to post this for some time now; it’s an article by David Goldberg a musician from LA. This is for all you half backed club owners who think you know everything and are to stupid to look at their policies and their attitudes towards musicians. When I ran Havana in New Hope we built the club around the music so no matter who was playing there always were people who liked the kind of music we had there, never did we depend on the “BAND” to bring in their 

Blog 4th of July 

Having to navigate in and around the modern music world of today is a real challenge. What most people fail to realize is just how hard it really is. Time, money, energy and a lifetime of learning to master your craft doesn't prepare you for the business end of your career. The new "Market Place" is filled with pit falls and bad choices. Your web site, e-blasts, Twitter and your Face Book page are not enough to get you and your music out there. I developed DTI Publishing to help our clients navigate their way through the plethora of marketing and sales options every musician is faced with. This also includes how to receive payment for your work. I urge anyone who is looking to dedicate their life to music, join the every growing number of DTI partners who we have help in this process. I know we all started out to express ourselves in music to be artistic and clever and to have a lot of fun, but as the years pass your reasons for doing music change and mature making it more important that you understand how to collect for your efforts. My best suggestion is to be prepared for success.



The restoration project…



My jazz journey is intertwined with all the musicians on these recordings; the evolution of each of us and each project were roads that lead to the ideas, sound and textures we use in DrivetimeUOJ today. And it's a good gauge to see how far our 38-year association with the music has changed, developed and shaped the course of DrivetimeUOJ. We were in our 20's when we started Eulipian and the original music I believe reflects the energy and excitement of our youth. When you receive Havana Fusion you will see our flirtation with smooth jazz that wasn't even invented yet. Stiff Stuff was a ball’s to the wall, badass group you can only dream about. All these aspects are woven into what DrivetimeUOJ is all about, steeped in history and versatility; I hope this shows through the music of DrivetimeUOJ. For all intent and purpose you could just call this "A Band" a rose by any other name is still a rose.            




 The only constant is change! Heraclitus of Ephesus. This truth is one that we either embrace or fall victim too. As it is with all projects such as Drivetime. Over the next few months I'll be creating a new page on the web site. It will be full of vintage material not heard in years outlining the long and winding road that lead to Drivetime. With the expert help by our engineer Jim Forbes from Clear Tracks Studio hopefully will be able to re-master and restore them and bring them into the 21st century. From one of the earliest performances in New Hampshire in 1975 to the end of the Fusion era in the 90's. In these recordings you will hear some of the most creative an innovative original compositions written and performed by Gene Terramani, Chris Friedrich, Rod Brannan and myself. You'll also be treated to some covers of Miles Davis, Grover Washington Jr., Jerry Nighwood and Pharoah Sanders. Why am I doing this? Because it's the easiest way to explain how Drivetime will continue to evolve. Once they are posted I sincerely hope you enjoy the music and feel free to contact me, we would love to hear your thought's. Speaking of Changes, with great pride I announce that Drivetime has become a publishing company with emphases on composers and songwriters, if your serious about your music here is an opportunity to have your material placed or recorded by Drivetime. Drivetime International Publishing (DTI) will also help members to learn how to market your songs, work the social media to your benefit. Our senior adviser Jen Miller from Loudseed Marketing an industry professional will help you to navigate the plethora of meaningful ways to get you songs out there recorded and place with a significant artist.

Good So Far!!! 

Well it's been an interesting month so far, with the release of Ignition and our Airplay and promo adds on we have doubled the hits to DrivetimeUOJ's website increased our European presents by 50% and are selling CD's and mp3 downloads. For any smooth jazz bands that find themselves in our position of being a national worthy act but not being able to break through the wall that's been placed in front of you please find the momentum of making the right choices for yourself. Get connected! Work your Face Book page, work Twitter and My Space build a following any way you can and for God sakes take advantage of the tools and people like Sandy Shore and Donna Phillips from to chip away the resistance to your music. No one can do it but you, there's no magic bullet, and you are responsible for your own success. Just to let you know why this is important as I'm writhing this I'm listening to a liner I did to introduce Lincoln Drive on and then hearing the tune, that’s what I'm talkin’ bout!!! Don't shortchange yourself...

Blog Archive

Bernie's Blog

December 10, 2012

I'm sitting here in sort of a twilit mood, not sure if it's from having listen to the new cd as it changes through the mixing process and turning into a musical expression of who we are as a band. Or the realization of just how remarkable the people I work with are. I told them in the beginning of this project that I wanted more then they could give and then some. Now I'm laughing my butt off because they haven't heard these mix's yet from Abbey Road, for one I don't want them to think their all that and a bag of chips, but let's just say they are who I thought they were and way more then they think they are. Hopefully with the help of Global Radio Drivetime's music will reach around the world. I urge all of you to support not only Drivetime's music but a new crew of SJ artist like us who need new and fresh SJ enthusiasts for inspiration. Ignition's debut date is Dec 15th so make a note to tune in to we'll be in rotation and banner streamed. Interact tell them what you like and don't like, be a part of our community. For DrivetimeUOJ it's always a party from the first note to the last!!!

May 11, 2012

Let me start off by saying my humble appreciation and sincere gratitude to all the guy's in the band for doing an extraordinary job, their talent and downright drive to make this cd work has be awe inspiring. I want to thank Andrew Neu, Phyllis Chapell, Justin Guarini and Vinnie Zummo for their outstanding contribution to the project. I would like to also thank Jeff Bichaylo for his extremely prolific ability to write and collaborate with me on a good portion of the material, also John & Jimmy’s contributions. In the course of doing this project which has take up about a year and a half of my brain and heart and soul, I've begun to realize and reflect on how important this process is to me. In the immortal words of Steve Miller "Time keeps on slipin’ slipin’ slipin’ into the future" yes life goes on and we do our best to capture those moments in music. In this project I've tried to capture the essence of our sound without just re-creating an expression of what's trendy in what I like to call the smooth jazz machine. Me being the consummate rebel that I am, we all tried to write tunes that had more of a original Philly sound with the emotions of the streets we all grew up on and with a more defined Drivetime personality, see it's not enough for me to just put out carbon copy's of what’s popular just to sell tunes. Every single tune on this cd was hand crafted by me for you the listener.
Where we stand at the moment, all but four tunes are in mix-down the last four tunes will be done in two weeks. After my final approval they’ll be off to Abby Road Studio’s in London for the mastering which will take about a week so we are very, very close to the final product. To say we all poured our souls and sweat into this project would be an understatement, as Michael Tozzi keeps telling me, look at it this way “this is the last cd you’ll ever make” so now I’m really going over it with a fine tooth comb, but he’s right, I am looking to create a legacy with “Ignition” and if it’s the last thing we ever do I want it to be memorable.

December 19, 2011

As Christmas heads our way I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your support and encouragement through this year and to wish you and your families Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May all the best of life come your way. In many ways this is a pivotal point in the band's development. Do realize the band will have been together seven years as of February 2012. Through difficult times and many personal changes, we have finally settled into our own sound and our own stride. I am happy to report that six of the tunes from the new CD INGNITION are in mix-down at Clear Track Studios, Tampa Bay, Florida. At the mixing console is my good friend and EMI associate Jim Forbes, who mixed our first CD “Movies For Your Mind." He was phenomenal then; I can only imagine how much he’s grown since. From there we’ll take it to Abbey Road Studios in London for the final mastering. If that doesn’t get you excited you better check your pulse. So all in all it’s been a great year for us, and we will have the CD done as soon as we can.
I want to thank Andrew Neu, whose performance on the composition “Lincoln Drive” is like butter. Andrew effortlessly finesses’ the daylights out of this tune. I want to thank Phyllis Chapell for her killer Portuguese version of “Mas Que Nada” as the original made popular by Sergio Mendaz & Lani Hall back in the 60”s. Also want to thank Justin Guarini for taking a chance on one of my original compositions “ Urban Symphony” which is really my 60’s peace loving side of me popping out. I’m letting my freak flag fly on this one, boy’s and girls, but seriously Justin nails this suck-a to the wall. And my deepest thanks to Jimmy Dell'Orefice who helped arrange and engineer most of the live performances. Many thanks to Richard, Chris, Mike and John who haven’t killed me yet. To say I’ve been picky or focused on what I want is an understatement. Hopefully it will pay off in the final product. In closing, again I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and the best in the coming year. Bless each and every one of you.

August 31, 2011

Last week Phyllis Chapell came out to record a few tracks with us for our upcoming album “Ignition”. Jimmy and I worked with Phyllis and I have to say, every time she comes out, magic happens. It’s really great working with such a talent like Phyllis! For those who don’t know, Phyllis can perform as a solo with vocals and guitar, or as a duo with varying instruments (keys, bass, percussion, wind instruments) and upwards to a full ensemble. She’s amazing. Definitely check out one of her upcoming shows or purchase her latest album, “The Other Side of the River”. You will not be disappointed!
Since having Phyllis Chapell in town was so amazing for Jimmy and I, we wanted to share that experience as best as possible with you, Drivetime fans! With that said, we conducted a brief interview with Phyllis to help you get to know her, her love for jazz, and why she decided to take time out of her busy schedule to come record with us!
Below is the Q&A between Drivetime and Phyllis Chapell:
Drivetime: How was it working with Drivetime when recording tracks for "Ignition"?
Phyllis Chapell: Love working with Bernie and Jimmy. They're the best!
Drivetime: What's your all-time favorite Drivetime track? Why?
Phyllis Chapell: Well, I do love Gettin’ Wit’it -- very well-written, funky and well-produced.
Drivetime: Who are some of your favorite Jazz artists out there right now?
Phyllis Chapell: Dianne Reeves, Kurt Elling, Esperanza Spalding, to name a few. In my band SIORA, is actually my favorite male jazz vocalist--he's my drummer but also does some vocals--his name is Paul Jost.
Drivetime: How would you describe the Jazz scene in and around Philadelphia? What are some of the best local Jazz hot spots?
Phyllis Chapell: Chris' Jazz Cafe has been the main jazz room in Philly for a few years. I haven't played Chris' though many of my band members have. I did play the Tritone with Drivetime a few years ago. It's a fun room. World Cafe Live (Phila) is the place where I'm doing my release on September 13th (upstairs) at 8:00 p.m. I've played the Firecreek Restaurant in Downingtown. Also a lovely restaurant in Exton called Duling-Kurtz House & Country Inn. Andre Cafe Acoustique in Chester, PA. The PSALM Salon in Wynnefield. Jazz Bridge, a wonderful organization based in Philly area, has some great jazz venues around town (in Mt. Airy, Collingswood, NJ, and other places). And then there's also the Tin Angel in Olde City.
Drivetime: What's your favorite track off of your new album, " The Other Side of the River"?
Phyllis Chapell: Oh, my goodness, it's like picking your favorite child--can't be done! But Otro Lado del Rio, which is the cover song (Other Side of the River), AEIOU and Water Song are the 2 originals. I do love Here's to Life, Crazy, Shenandoah, the Middle Eastern medley (Hinei Ma Tov/Ma Achla'a). Yikes, I love them all!
Well, there you have it, a glimpse into the mind of the great jazz artist, Phyllis Chapell. A very special Drivetime ‘thank you’ to Phyllis Chapell for taking time to record a few tracks for “Ignition” and for answering a few questions for our fans! We can’t wait to record with you again Phyllis!

July 23, 2011

First off today I want to thank Ryan Taft of Catalyst Marketers for the great interview on the web site if you would like to read it here is the link.
Thing’s are truly starting to shaping up real nice for the new CD “Ignition”. Last week we did a session with Andrew Neu on one of our tunes “Lincoln Drive”. I want to thank Andrew for being the consummate musician who came in and just blew Jimmy and myself away. I also encourage you to go out and buy Andrew’s new CD "Try Something Neu". I am so excited about “Lincoln Drive”, written by Jeff Bichaylo and arranged by yours truly. I can’t wait to mix it!

We also made an appearance at Warmdaddy’s this week and that is always just great fun. I want to thank Michael Tozzi for keeping the music alive here in Philly and also Ivan the sound engineer at Warmdaddy’s, Ivan does a great job for us and records every date we do there. One of these days I am going to compile a group of tunes that we don’t have on disk and make a Live At Warmdaddy’s CD.

On the agenda for this week is getting Phyllis Chapell back to do a Drivetime original “It’s Love Were In” written by Jimmy Dell'Orefice and myself. We also did a pre-release of John Sorrenti’s original piece “Beige” which has received very positive reviews so far from, and so hang in there we are feverously working to complete the project and I will update everyone periodically as to our progress. Thanks again for your interest in Drivetime.

May 4, 2011

Drivetime Brings Smooth Jazz to the Alzheimer’s Chocolate Symphony

Sunday turned out to be an awesome day, we had the opportunity to perform at the Alzheimer’s Chocolate Symphony at Cairnwood in Bryn Athyn, PA. There we’re some very interesting people who just happen to love our sound, I felt like it was a perfect fit. Now let me tell you why. Mostly these functions are picture perfect as far as the food the drink and the atmosphere but when it comes to the music it usually falls short. Here’s why:

1. Because you will either get a small trio doing Standard Jazz tunes which all seems to run together or

2. A Classical Ensemble that fades totally into the woodwork.

Drivetime has that unique ability to set that subtle groove that makes people subconsciously start tapping their foot. It peeks more interest when you can do tunes that everyone recognizes in a way that’s professional and entertaining and the volume is at a tolerable level. I can’t tell you how many folks came up to us and said how much they appreciated listening to REAL musicians. To me this is the ultimate compliment.

I want to thank Jen Miller and Lisa Radin for taking a chance and using Drivetime for this event because there was the possibility that we could have just blown out the place if we we’re less consciences about for who and where we we’re playing. I also would like to thank the Alzheimer Association for doing such great work trying to abate this life stealing disease.


April 14,2011

As many Drivetime fans know, we are feverishly working on our latest project, “Ignition”. To help give fans an inside glimpse into our recording process I’ll do my best to paint a picture of what’s involved when we record our smooth jazz tunes. The very first thing that we need to do is write the tunes and in that regard we have plethora of talent, everyone in the band can write so when we’re looking for material everyone presents their ideas. We then look for a catchy melody and hook straight away, if something that a band member has written has both of these components then it goes into the pool of possible tracks for the album. With the modern convenience of home recording everyone’s individual ideas are easier to present. Once we narrow down the tunes that we think fit the theme of the jazz album, or the band in general, we learn them and play them out as often as we can to give them a more intimate feel. At this point confidence in the material is critical.

One advantage Drivetime has is two pre production studios to make the recording process much easier. Jimmy’s studio is mainly for sketching out tracks and live performances, sax, vocals, B3 and drums. My studio is for added FX, bass tracks, percussion and arranging. Everything is kept on an external hard drive for transporting back and forth from Jimmy’s studio to mine. Once the basic form of a particular tune is in place I then concentrates on individual performances. Over time we have learned it is better to work with one person at a time when you really want them to feel comfortable and this way there is no waiting around for someone else to finish their parts, you can lose all your momentum just waiting around. Unless you have an extremely large budget where you can hang for days at a studio in New York or LA without worrying about time, this just simply makes more sense.

One issue we have to overcome recording this way is that when you’re working on twelve tunes at a time it’s really hard to keep track of what you have done or haven’t done. Usually I have to constantly update the inventory sheet of what’s been done, and what we need to do, by going over the tracks with a fine tooth comb to make sure they have been recorded correctly and have no stupid mistakes. You wouldn’t believe how often we find a bad fingering or buzz from an instrument that detracts from the performance which really isn’t that hard to fix. We are going for QUALITY jazz music here. We either have the player come back to do that line or steal it from another section of the tune and just drop it in. I don’t see this as cheating because it really is a time saver and we want to get that quality smooth jazz material out to our fans as quickly as possible.

Next all the tracks go to our producer, in this case that would be Jeff Bichaylo who is also our writing partner and the secret weapon of Drivetime. Why is he a secret weapon you may ask? Talent pure un-censored talent and honesty, he is exactly what you want when you’re doing a project like this. His job is to scrutinize the material, tracks and arrangements. Once that is done here comes the most important and most overlooked part of the recording process, carving out with EQ the spaces for each instrument so when you are listening to a piece each player has his own cut out place in the tune and is not blurred or interfered with by another frequency.

Hey, You done yet? Nope! Once Jeff is done it then everything goes to our label Slot1 Studio for mixing. Then it’s off to mastering which is the process of giving the work the polish or shine for radio. OK now it’s time for the Artwork, cover design, reproduction and promotions and that will have to wait till my next blog.

February 15, 2011

Hi ya’ll, what a ridiculous winter this has been and as always, hard winters like this one also bring some sad news with it. James Read our first manager/promoter and good friend has been very ill and the likelihood of recovery is not possible. Drivetime owes it’s humble beginnings to James and we are eternally grateful for his guidance and help in the early days of the band. We are going to dedicate our new CD “Ignition” to James for his faith in us. James is truly a renaissance man, a glass blower, artist, carpenter and all around fun guy who has added so much to our lives it’s almost impossible to express our sadness of James not being around.

Now on to more uplifting news, I just found out today that our version of “What You Won’t Do For Love” with Justin Guarini has made it to this has been a long time coming and I would like to thank our label manager Rick Denzien at Slot1 Entertainment for his tenaciousness and not letting this opportunity slide on by. We have also had an honorable mention in an article about Justin in the Morning Call
Thanks to John J. Moser who always takes care of us.

“Ignition” update: All the tunes are written and in the process of development, although this winter has made it almost impossible to get to the studio we are plugging along, artwork is in the works too. Our artwork is being done by Lucretia Coleman of Jameri Artistry please check out her work, she is amazing.

Addendum: 2/17/11

James made a very peaceful transition at 6:02 PM last evening. He was a unique individual to say the least. He will be sorely missed, not only buy us but the whole Doylestown community that he loved so much. As Donna his wife always says "Cool Runnings" bro. See you when we get there.